With our licensing program, teachers are able to use and reproduce our content in the classroom.

How does it work?

In partnership with Classroom Ready Inc., we are pleased to provide a unique licensing opportunity to teachers through their school.

When a school subscribes to our annual licensing program, all teachers at that school are given access to printable class resources for use in their classroom. Teachers are able to freely print and distribute these resources to their students as part of their regular teaching process, or as supplementary content to those students that either require additional practice, or that are looking to excel through further enrichment.

Our teacher resource guides cover the entire prescribed curricula for provinces that follow the Western Protocol (AB, SK, MB), as well as the newly prescribed B.C. curriculum for grades 4-9 (2016), and the upcoming new grade 10 curriculum (2018), and grades 11 and 12 coming in 2019.

Our annual licensing program is both simple and inexpensive when compared to the costs associated with purchasing entire class sets of workbooks. Please read below for further details on what is provided with your license, as well as our complete pricing guide and methods of ordering.


What resources are provided?

Your small annual subscription fee gives you access to ALL our resources without limitation, including all the new content that is added as well.

Our resources are available through the online teacher account, and can be printed and distributed to students. A hard copy is also available for purchase at an additional cost for those teachers that would like to have a physical book at their desk.  If ordered, the hard copy will be mailed directly to the school, while the digital version is available immediately through our online teacher portal.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide fresh and updated math resources, we continually add new content to our online resource database and your annual subscription gives you access to all this new content as well.  The content that we release throughout the year (such as fun problems and puzzles that can be used in your classroom for activities like "problem of the week/month"), will help you keep your math class fun and interesting for your students.

CLICK HERE to view a sample of our teacher resource guide (opens in new window/tab)


How do you order?

Placing your order is quick and easy. Please CLICK HERE to be taken to our online storefront where you can make your purchase directly. If you have any questions about our licensing program, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-888-8967.

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