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Your Success in Math Starts With Dynamic Math Video Lessons

Nothing explains a math concept better than watching over the shoulder of a professional math instructor.  And with our new video lessons, that's exactly what you get to do!


Instant Solutions

Each video course has approximately 50-80 videos that are highly organized, making it easy for the student to instantly find the solution to the topic they need help on.  No more wasted time searching online for videos that don't even address the problem, and often times just end up making things worse.

Deeper Understanding

Let's face it ... math can be hard!  Each new topic builds on a previous one, and once you're lost, everything goes downhill from there.  With our video lessons, students gain a deeper understanding of the topics, which gives them the tools and confidence to excel in math for years to come.

Better Grades

With the Dynamic Math video lessons, students gain a stronger understanding of the topics in each course.  This translates into better grades in the classroom, and more confidence in math in general.  The benefit is even bigger when the student combines the Dynamic Math workbook with the video lessons.


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Each course contains approximately 50-80 videos covering every topic found in the curriculum.

Best of all ... our video lessons line up perfectly with the Dynamic Math workbooks, so students can easily find and watch a video on a topic they're struggling with while working through the book.

Watch the short video below and let us show you inside our video library!


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You will get instant access to our complete video library of over 500 videos covering all topics in grades 4-10 for free for a full 30 days ($29.95 value). 

No credit card required.  Grab your free account today and let us help your child get on the path to achieving great success in math.