Enhance Your Learning With Dynamic Math Videos

It's like having a professional math instructor available to help when you need it, but at a fraction of the cost!


Video Benefits

Perfect in the home or classroom.

  • Students are more confident when doing their homework, and achieve higher grades
  • Parents are better equipped to help their child at home and are less frustrated
  • Teachers are able to help more students achieve success in their classroom

Videos at a Glance

Dynamic Math videos are available for grades 4-10

  • Approx 50-80 videos per grade covering each topic
  • Clear and concise - average video is under 5 mins
  • 100% aligned to the provincial curriculum
  • Videos match up perfectly with the chapters in our math books
  • Access all videos across all grades for one low price

Dynamic Math videos provide lots of instruction in a short amount of time

Start practicing now and watch your grades improve!